FAQs for Member

  1. How to register at FTR.GAME? Step by step.

    1. Visit FTR.GAME website, hit the “Sign up" button on the upper right corner, after completing the registration, you will receive a available balance 60000 bonus, this offer is only available to each new customer (18+) who hasn’t registered before.
    2. Fill the blanks with correct personal information (such as your name, ID, email, and mobile number, etc),  then the available balance 60000 bonus will be credited to your FTR.GAME account automatically.
    3. You will be entitled to win iphone 15 in FTR.GAME lottery, this offer is only available to each new account once registration is done.
    4. Once all the registration procedures are done, you can get quick access to login via Facebook, etc
  2. How to make your first deposit at FTR.GAME?

    1. Click the “ deposit and exchange available balance” button at the bottom of home page.
    2. First deposit minimum available balance 300000, deposit bonus up to available balance 3000000.
    3. Receive a 100% deposit bonus, details refer to terms & conditions.
    4. To play available balance 15 times
  3. What should I do before I can play at FTR.GAME?

    The only thing you have to do is to create an account.

  4. I’ve forgotten my password, what should I do?

    Please click "Forgot Password" on the login page, and a message will be send to your mobile phone SMS

  5. How can I deposit and exchange available balance on FTR.GAME?

    Click the 'to exchange available balance' button at the bottom of home page.

  6. Can I actually win on FTR.GAME?

    Absolutely. Lots of players have already won big prizes on FTR.GAME and you can too. Choose a contest that you want to play, defeat the competition, and celebrate big wins!

  7. Is it safe to deposit to FTR.GAME?

    Depositing to your FTR.GAME account is both simple and safe.

  8. How can I contact the support team at FTR.GAME?

    Click "Customer Service Contact" below.

  9. Why did my bonus disappear?

    You may not be eligible for the bonus. For more information please refer to the bonus policy.

  10. What to do if I am unable to login to my FTR.GAME account?

    If you are unable to login to your account, make sure you refer to the following methods before contacting customer support:

    1. Go through the ‘Forgot Password’ facility to request a new password.
    2. Wait for about 30 minutes before your next attempt. If you have tried to log-in too many times, the account might be under a ‘lockdown’ for 30 minutes, and you need to wait for it to become unlocked. This period cannot be removed if the account has been locked.
    3. Make sure to clear your cache and cookies from your browser, as sometimes an error might occur due to them.

    If your query isn't resolved, then contact the customer support team.

  11. Can I become FTR.GAME agent?

    We possess an awesome sports betting agent program which means you can earn money with us. Please click on the agent program to join us.