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Booking instructions

We know your time is valuable

In order to ensure that every franchise customer receives adequate attention and support

We need some time to process the franchise application

To save your valuable time, even if you are still considering it, we recommend booking first

We will arrange for someone to contact you to provide you with a personalized one-on-one introduction

So that you can better understand our franchise cooperation plan. Looking forward to further communication with you!

1. There is no deposit required for booking. If you do not join in the end, there will be no fees.

2. You can understand why the return on investment is guaranteed to be 100%.

3. Arrange a dedicated person to serve you and answer all your questions.

4. Use AnyDesk remote login to observe the operation mode of Facebook AI marketing.

5. You can check the marketing of Facebook AI in those FB groups.

6. Provide a complete plan for FTR franchise

7. Provide FTR franchise contract review.

8. There is a total limit for the number of franchises in each country, and they will be processed in the order of reservations.

9. Priority will be given to qualifying for 85% of the business loan, and those at the top will have priority.

10. You can see which countries the company currently has open franchises and the website information of current franchise customers.

11. Understand the fees for joining and how to pay in installments.

12. You can understand what information the franchise headquarters provides on the franchise case.

13. You can learn about the relevant instructions for the renewal part.