Why join

1. To establish an online game company, the initial investment must be at least USD 1 million. The subsequent investments in the future will be an astronomical amount. To establish an online game company through franchise, as long as you invest the franchise fee, you can start the business in a short period of time. Start operating within.

2. The franchise headquarters will help you solve the problems of technology, marketing, customer service, cash flow and capital. Franchisees can start online business in a short time with only a small capital investment and guarantee 100% profit from the franchise fee. , the threshold is very low to achieve 100% profit from the franchise fee if it is not subsidized by the franchise headquarters. You only need to ensure that 30 people deposit value every day.

3. Establishing a game company requires a huge technical team. It takes several years from research and development to launch operation. There are too many difficulties to overcome in the process. Finding the perfect solution requires a lot of manpower and material resources. , by joining the franchise, you can skip these problems and start working directly.

4. We provide Facebook AI marketing system and Facebook advertising agency investment services to help you solve the problems you face in marketing. In addition, the system has four mechanisms for self-marketing: A. There is a 7-level dealer model that can spread quickly. B. The online talent recruitment mechanism not only creates employment rates, but also has a communication effect. C. Upgrade the AI ​​mechanism to quickly increase effective member registrations. D. Use the email remarketing mechanism to allow customers to spend again and increase production value.

5. We provide an online customer service platform that can provide franchising customer service personnel 24 hours a day to interact with online members in real time. In addition, we also provide 24-hour global instant customer service, which means that franchisees do not need to have a customer service team. The customer service team provided by the headquarters will handle it uniformly.

6. We provide global online cash flow, provide 24-hour collection and payment services, and ensure that there are no problems with the funds. If there is a problem, the franchise headquarters will be responsible for all losses. Franchisees can also provide their own cash flow, and they must also ensure that there are no problems with the funds. If there is a problem, the franchisee will bear all losses. In principle, settlement is done once a week, which can minimize risks.

7. The investment of the franchise fee is divided into six phases, and payment will be collected according to the progress of each level, so that the franchisee can pay according to the progress of the franchise headquarters, which is more secure. In addition, the franchise headquarters also provides a venture fund loan covering 85% of the franchise fee, which will be paid in 11 installments to reduce the burden on the franchise owner. If everything goes well, 85% of the franchise fee can be paid with profit.

The progress of the six phases is as follows:

Issue 1

Signing bonus 1%

After signing the contract, you have the right to review the contract for 3 days. You can request to terminate the contract within 3 days and receive a full refund.

Issue 2

Front desk system setup completed 2%

Platform name

Platform Logo

Platform URL

Game connection

Issue 3

Backend system setup completed 3%

Backend URL

Backend management function

Backend accounting system

Issue 4

Facebook AI Marketing system setup completed 4%

Marketing system + computer host + 250 simulators + 250FB accounts

Issue 5

System data tuning completed 5%

Various data

Game odds

Cash flow connection

Customer service system serial connection

Issue 6

Final payment upon acceptance 85%