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Franchise process

Learn about the platform

●If you are familiar with FTR’s products, it is recommended to join as a member from FTR’s current franchise website to operate, use promotion codes for marketing, and understand the actual operation of agents.

●Fully understand and be interested in the FTR GAME franchise method.


●The total number of franchises in each country is limited, and arrangements will be made in the order of reservations.

●Specialized personnel are at your service to answer all your questions.

●Provide your account number, password and related basic information when booking.

Fill out and sign

●In the Welcome to Join section, register an account, password and related basic information.

●Fill out the franchise questionnaire form.

●Contact the specialist to inquire about relevant issues and answer all questions.

●Request a contract and there will be a three-day review period.

●Complete the franchise signing and pay 1% franchise fee.

Preliminary construction

●Provide the name and URL of the website, and determine the website’s LOGO.

●Connect API with DDIN game.

●Construction of game console cluster.

Front desk and education training

●Deliver the game front-end interface and pay a 2% franchise fee.

●Education and training for the game front-end interface.

Backend and education training

●Deliver the game backend interface and pay a 3% franchise fee.

●Education and training on the interface of the game backend.

Customer service and education training

●Connect customer service interface and education training.

FB related construction

●Create an exclusive FB fan page.

●Build a FB AI marketing system platform that can be monitored remotely 24 hours a day and pay a 4% franchise fee.

●Build 250 simulated mobile phones and use 250 phone numbers to apply for FB accounts.

Final adjustments and training

●The overall data adjustment is completed and a 5% franchise fee is paid.

●Complete education, training and coaching are online.

●After acceptance and payment of 85% of the final payment, you can apply for a business loan.