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Facebook AI Marketing System

Through this marketing system, we can effectively develop global customers and accurately promote the game system.

Using intelligent algorithms and big data analysis, we can accurately grasp the target audience and improve advertising effectiveness and profitability.

This kind of system can not only bring immediate returns, but also bring long-term stable profits to the company.

It is a powerful tool to help you promote your business and bring comprehensive improvements to your game system.

We will give you a computer specifically designed to run the Facebook AI marketing system, which can run 250 FB accounts at a time!

Moreover, our company will also provide the mobile phone numbers of these accounts, so that you can get twice the result with half the effort in marketing promotions!

The system runs multiple systems at the same time
Manage 250 FB accounts at once

Online customer service system

Our professional customer service system provides you with unparalleled support and solutions.

Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty through instant, personalized service.

Our team is committed to creating the best customer experience and helping you build a positive brand image.

The system improves efficiency and productivity, boosting sales and revenue. Work with us to stand out and achieve business success!

Customer service system features

Multi-language support:

The system supports various languages ​​and can communicate with customers around the world without barriers.

Immediate and enthusiastic response:

We are able to respond to customer inquiries and problems immediately and enthusiastically provide assistance to ensure that customers receive timely support and solutions.

Good response attitude:

We treat every customer with a friendly and patient attitude, ensuring that they feel respected and cared for during their use.

Localized tone:

We communicate with customers in a localized and considerate tone, allowing customers to feel the warmth and closeness of their hometown.

Professional case closing guidance:

Our team has professional case closing guidance capabilities to ensure that every customer’s problem is solved satisfactorily.

Actual operation - customer service front desk
Actual operation-customer service background

Game platform membership terminal

We offer many types of games, from slots, roulette, entertainment, poker, lotto to football, baseball, live baccarat

Game management platform for racing games and racing games, everything is available! Moreover, mobile phones and computers are synchronized, allowing customers to play wherever they go!

Join us and you will have the opportunity to participate in this diversified and multi-game gaming platform, launch your business, and make money rolling in like a torrential river!

Game platform features

Multi-hardware support:

We support both mobile phones and computers, allowing players to enjoy the game anytime and anywhere.

Complete game upgrade system:

Attract players to participate in the game and make profits, provide a complete game upgrade system, and encourage players to continue to participate.

Detailed personal information and game cash flow records:

Allow players to check personal information and game cash flow records at any time, maintaining transparency and traceability.

Real-time customer service support:

Provide comprehensive real-time customer service inquiry services to quickly solve player problems and ensure a good gaming experience.

Global financial flow connection:

It connects to the cash flow systems of various countries and provides a professional deposit and withdrawal interface to facilitate players to conduct financial transactions.

Instant alert message:

Provide instant news notifications to guide players to recharge and let them know the next discounts and activities as soon as possible.

Instantly updated promotions:

Various promotions are constantly updated to attract players to participate in challenges and recharge, keeping the game dynamic and attractive.

Professional FAQ:

Provide professional FAQs so players can quickly query questions and solve problems.

Powerful automatic marketing mechanism:

Through the automatic 7-layer marketing mechanism, continue to attract guests into the game, increase participation and revenue.

Recruitment mechanism:

Provide a recruitment mechanism to allow players to find suitable people to help promote and jointly build a gaming community so that you can continue to make profits.

Game webpage-customer service front desk
Game webpage-Talent recruitment
Game web page-Personal record
Game web page-Deposited value and withdrawal
Game webpage-promotions
actual game screen
Game web page-News notification
Game webpage-FAQ

Game platform management terminal

Our management backend is powerful and provides comprehensive operational management tools, allowing you to make long-term stable profits.

Including functions such as operation management, member management, operation reports, overall monthly reports, and cash flow records.

You can easily monitor game operation, manage user information, set game rules and promotions, and view reports to analyze game performance.

Through the intuitive interface, various operations can be performed quickly and conveniently, helping you to easily manage and optimize the game platform.

Fiturnya meliputi:

Time filter:

Set dates and time periods to facilitate tracking and comparing business performance at different points in time.

Key indicators at a glance:

Operational indicators such as total transaction volume, positive and negative feedback, and transaction volume quickly provide key business information.

Intuitive chart:

Trends are visually displayed through line charts, and changes over time in indicators such as business volume and response time can be easily observed.

trend analysis:

Charts allow you to compare data from different dates and analyze business fluctuation trends.

Operation management provides real-time data and historical trends to help managers make data-based decisions and improve business operation efficiency.

Operation monthly report

Comprehensiveness of information:

The report comprehensively records the sales and profit data of each day for the entire month, which facilitates daily monitoring and month-end summary.

Explicit time stamp:

The date of each row in the report is clearly marked, making it easy to track daily operational changes.

Financial Transparency:

Providing key financial data such as sales, fees and gross profit enhances the financial transparency of operations.

Convenient comparative analysis:

Directly display daily sales and profit data to facilitate horizontal comparison of performance on different days.

Profit Tracking:

Presentation of gross profit and gross margin to help track profit trends and efficiency.

Operationally, such a monthly statement can help the business continue to grow and accumulate wealth because it can:

Revealing trends:

Through long-term data comparison, you can discover the growth or decline trends in sales and profits.

Decision support:

Make smarter business adjustments and decisions based on accurate, daily data.

Optimize resource allocation:

Identify high- and low-efficiency dates and adjust resources and strategies to optimize benefits.

risk control:

Timely identify risks and abnormal situations in operations and take measures to reduce losses.

Enhance customer trust:

Financial transparency builds customer trust and facilitates long-term relationships.