Q: How to guarantee 100% profit?
A: It is specifically mentioned in the contract that if the contract expires, if there is no 100% profit, the franchise headquarters will subsidize 100%.
Q: is it legal?
A: The products we operate are online games, not online gambling, and there is no illegality issue.
Q: I am not professional in online games, can I join?
A: OK.
Q: I am a Malaysian, can I market in other countries such as Vietnam and India?
A: OK.
Q: What fees need to be paid when joining?
A: A franchise fee is paid in six installments.
Q: How many websites are currently affiliated?
A: 5 stations in Vietnam, 3 stations in India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and 1 station in China are presented to our customers.
Q: Do you have a direct sales website?
A: The franchise headquarters is a game developer and does not directly operate the market.
Q: Visual design?
A: We adopt a sample model, and you can provide an exclusive visual design.
Q: What is the estimated turnover?
A: Our current franchisees have an average of more than 30 people recharging every day.
Q: Are there any problems with the operation of the platform?
A: The franchise headquarters has a 24-hour technical team that monitors various data and can provide the best quality. If any problems arise, they can solve all problems as soon as possible.
Q: Where is the franchise headquarters?
A: The company is established in Anguilla.
Q: What should I do if I regret after signing a contract?
A: There is a three-day contract review period after signing the contract, and refunds can be made without any conditions.
Q: What are the fees for renewing the contract after it expires?
A: The renewal fee is 5% of the original contract franchise fee.
Q: Facebook AI marketing system, can I purchase it separately?
A: OK.
Q: Can I join many sites at the same time?
A: Yes, as long as you have Internet traffic, it is recommended not to have more than one stop in a country.
Q: After signing the contract, how long does it take to go online?
A: It can be completed within a month and we will try our best to advance the schedule.
Q: Do you have a maximum number of franchises in a single country?
A: The current planning upper limit is that a population of 1 million can have one station.
Q: I can’t establish a 24-hour customer service operation mechanism. Can I do it?
A: You can entrust the franchise headquarters to provide support and processing.
Q: What can I do if I don’t have online cash flow?
A: At present, the countries provided by the franchise headquarters can be supported, and other countries must be searched separately.